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New Boots

I recently checked an item off my wishlist with this boot purchase. I’ve been looking for a pair of combat style boots for a while. I wanted something that wasn’t too ‘tough’ looking as my style tends to be more on the classic side.
I knew Call It Spring would be a great place to look for a new pair. The shoes there are affordable, yet still great quality. I’m not about to spend $200 on a pair of boots when I don’t have to (although I do love my classic Hunter boots).
I got the Suvignano boot in Cognac (here). I love that these lace all the way to the top, but can also be worn laced halfway up with the laces tied around the ankle. I attempted to show both ways in the photo below.
I bought a pair of authentic leather boots from Call It Spring probably four or five years ago and have gotten so much use out of them. I still wear them all the time, and they are just starting to look a but worn, but in the best way possible. Authentic leather seems to look better with time, as long as you are caring for them properly.
Quick Tip: Be sure to always spray your leather boots with a waterproof protectant. This will help keep your feet dry. It will also protect the leather itself, keeping it from rotting or falling apart. If you live in an area that uses a lot of salt on the roads and sidewalks, clean the salt off regularly (when dry), to ensure it doesn’t eat through your boots.
Have you crossed anything off your wishlist lately?