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Up To I Do by Samantha March

Up To I Do by Samantha March is the light hearted chick lit, chock full of wedding planning, that I needed to ease my stress while planning my own wedding.

Emerson Sinclair is a wealthy hotel heiress, who thinks of herself as a sort of celebrity, despite living in a small New Hampshire town. A besides, she’s about to marry a Worthington don’t you know?

She expects her wedding to air on television, to be made a priority in every one’s lives for the entire year leading up to the wedding. No expense is too great for the wedding of the century.

Emerson begins to lose herself in the stress of planning such a “high profile” wedding. Luckily, she has a strong and supportive grandmother who is always by her side, keeping her head firmly on her shoulders.

I love the personal touches Samantha March added in this novel. The cover being a personal wedding photo, and also the nod to her loving and supportive grandmother as well.

Emerson is an extreme unlikeable character in my opinion. She is definitely high maintenance, and entitled would be an understatement. This definitely hindered my enjoyment of the book. However, I understand that she was unlikeable on purpose, with the hopes of being redeemed in the end. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite happen for me. There definitely was character development but not enough for me to forgive her for her behaviour throughout.


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