Summer of Romantasy

My summer reading plans include all of the romantasy I can possibly get my hands on! There are two main reading challenges I will be participating in and would love for you to join me. I will be sharing a lot of fantasy romance themed content on my bookish platforms: this blog, Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube. If you have any requests, please do let me know.

Firstly, Covers with Cassidy is hosting an Every Romantasy Challenge. You can watch her video for all the details plus book recommendations. What drew me to this challenge, aside from loving the genre and Cassidy’s channel, is that it feels like a fun scavenger hunt. There are multiple layers to trying to find books to fit the challenge. I’ve had so much fun trying to plan out which books to read for this one. Cassidy has an interactive Canva graphic and Google Sheets document to use. Be sure to copy your own file over so you don’t mess up the original.

Secondly, Tori Between Pages is hosting a two month long fantasy romance readathon: Summer Romantasy-athon! Throughout June and July, we have 35 reading prompts to fill. You have the option to try and double-up with your books, aim for a bingo line, or go crazy and try and reading 35 different romantasy books fulfilling every prompt on the board. My goal is to just read as much as possible. I’d love to get maybe two bingo lines. Once a month, there will be a 48hr readathon weekend that will be so much fun to participate in and be a part of the reading sprints with many people reading fantasy romance books together.

Are you also a lover of the fantasy romance genre? Are you participating in either of these fun challenges?