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Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Now that the weather is heating up, I’ve realized my summer wardrobe needs a bit of a revamp. I’ve condensed my wishlist into the top 5 items I hope to add to my wardrobe in the next few months.
My ‘casual sneakers’ are on their last leg, they’ve lasted me 5-6 years so I think it’s time to say goodbye. I need a replacement, so I thought Toms would be perfect. They’ll look good with skinny jeans, shorts, and dresses which is exactly what I need. I don’t usually like the good of trainers with skinny jeans and dresses, but I don’t always want to wear flats or sandals either. Really I’m just trying to justify another shoe purchase 🙂 but I’m throwing a pair out so it’s okay, right?
These sunglasses have been absolutely everywhere! They are super trendy, and not too expensive. The only problem, which do I choose?!
Taking it back to when I was a child. These are another item that I’ve been seeing everywhere again this year. I was seeing them a year or two ago and was never that into them then, but I am now. I prefer the darker wash ones, and a bit distressed.
I hate carrying around a purse when walking around in the heat. A backpack purse will be perfect for me, especially when doing fun things with Max like going to the park. It is cute, and functional.
5. Printed Jumpsuit
Zoe Sugg (Zoella), has been wearing this in a few of her videos and I am obsessed with it. It is quite a statement piece, but paired with minimal accessories, it’ll look amazing!
What is on your summer wardrobe wishlist?

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