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Are You Ready To Give Up Skinny Jeans?

Gen Z has been yelling at us Millennials for years to give up our skinny jeans! We’ve already been seeing the shift in the stores on what styles are available to purchase. Have you given your skinny jeans up yet, because I sure haven’t. It’s a good thing I wear my denim until they literally wear out, often 10+ years.

The conversation came back to my attention after watching this viral Instagram Reel from blogger Cassie Scroggins. I was appalled by the comments. Many woman took her reel as a personal attack on their fashion choices. Who knew this was such a heated topic? I am looking forward to following Cassie’s journey to upgrading her wardrobe and think her new jeans look fantastic on her. She’s inspired me to rethink my stance and perhaps give this style another shot next time I’m at the mall.

While yes, I am resistant to change, I also feel that the looser style is less flattering on my shorter frame and wide hips. In my opinion, it gives me an overall wider appearance. That’s not the look I’m going for. Granted, maybe I just need to broaden my search. Have you found the perfect pair?

What are your thoughts?