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Recharging Before the New Year

The week after Christmas and before you start working on all those New Year Resolutions, is the perfect time to relax, recharge, and reflect. I think this is the only week in the year when it’s not only perfectly acceptable, but encouraged to do nothing.

Leading up to Christmas is a time of year filled with not only joy and family, but a lot of stress. Many feeling stressed financially, or through expectations, or maybe just the sheer busy-ness of the holiday season.

Catch those elusive Zzz’s
Not only are you not able to sleep as much as you’d like because, well, adulting. Whether you’re working full time or have kiddos waking you up. The holiday season is filled with a lot of late nights travelling, spending time with family, and wrapping last minute presents. After all the craziness has subsided, go to bed a little earlier, and sleep in a little later. Turn off those alarms if they aren’t totally necessary. It’s amazing what a bit of extra sleep can do for you mood and productivity.

Reduce Processed Foods
Although this is a smart idea all year long, after all those holiday parties and junk food, you’re probably feeling pretty bloated. We end up with a lot of baked goods and candies in the house after Christmas. While I allow myself and the kids to treat ourselves during this time, I also feel it’s important to balance it out with well rounded home cooked meals. I love utilizing turkey dinner leftovers to make a wholesome soup, and making sure to use up all those leftover veggies in the fridge before they go bad.

Becoming a Couch Potato
Once all the Christmas mess has been cleared away, all the family has gone home, and the house gets a little quieter, it just love cozying up with a blanket, and some coffee or tea, and really becoming one with the couch. This is something most of us rarely get to do. After the hectic month, it’s so rejuvenating to truly do nothing and catch up on your favourite shows that have been sitting on the DVR, or bingeing a new Netflix series, or picking up a new book.

Time to Reflect
With the start of a new year fast approaching, it’s time to reflect on the year that’s passed. Revisit those goals you set in January and think of some new ones to achieve this year. I’m personally a huge fan on New Year Resolutions. While I don’t always actively strive towards them through the year, I refresh my memory on them occasionally to make sure I’m on the right track. I look forward to setting myself some new goals. The key to which, is making them both specific and achievable.

If you’re interested, I can do another post on my goals for 2019, spoiler alert: I have a lot of them in many aspects of my life including motherhood, beauty, reading, finances.

I hope you all had a wonderful holidays with friends and family and have a safe and happy New Year!

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