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Go Faux | False Lashes

I’ve been learning more and more about what it takes to produce a mink lash, and am not too impressed by this being passed as “cruelty-free’.

While I understand the different between vegan and cruelty-free, I feel on this front they’re blurring the lines.

Mink are not friendly, sociable animals. I can guarantee they are not happy sitting in their cages, and the manufacturers are not snuggling and combing them to retrieve the hairs.

There are three brands in particular that I wanted to draw attention to today, while I am sure there are many more. These brands boast about their cruelty-free status all over social media, while producing mink lashes.

Even looking at it from a business standpoint, not an ethical one, with the cruelty-free “trend” becoming more popular, I honestly cannot see how selling a handful of mink lashes, is more profitable than excluding a huge group of potential consumers. Maintaining a mink farm must be costly, factoring that along with the lost potential sales from consumers like me, I don’t see the benefit.

Huda Beauty is the one that gets to me the most. Huda sells 6 pairs of mink lashes. I am interested in almost all of her other products, and have loved the handful I tried before transitioning to CF beauty. Her products are not tested on animals, and are not sold in China. The catch, those 6 pesky pairs of mink lashes.

The same can be said of P. Louise. She sells ONE pair of lashes, and they are mink. Her artistry is amazing, and everyone has been raving about her eyeshadow base. She has also started selling a course which I think would be amazing!

Lastly, Sample Beauty. My eyes have been drawn to their eyeshadow palettes many times, but alas, their lashes are mink.

You may have noticed I did not link any of these brands, and that was not an oversight 😊

Stephanie Lange has altered her CF standpoint and has started purchasing from brands like these, just not buying the mink lashes themselves. How do you feel about that? I feel myself leaning in the direction, but have stopped myself because the mink lashes just don’t make sense to me, especially the “business degree me”.

Others, like Angelica Nyqvist, who is not a cruelty-free beauty vlogger, has stopped supporting the mink lashes, which I applaud.

The technology today has made synthetic hairs pretty much the same. Gone are the days when false lashes felt like literal plastic. In my opinion, there is no need to continue making mink lashes. Just stop selling them!

Photo credit: Veganmakeupshare

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