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My Money My Way by Kumiko Love

My Money My Way: Taking Back Control of Your Financial Life by Kumiko Love

Kumiko Love is a self-made budgeting expert who has helped millions of women transform their relationship with money reveals her secret to guilt-free living and financial fulfillment.

We all want to get in control of our money, but what happens when we don’t feel like we’re good enough?

In My Money My Way, financial counselor and creator of The Budget Mom Kumiko Love inspires and equips you to end the cycle of self-doubt and make confident money decisions. Previous budgeting methods haven’t worked because they weren’t designed by you or for you. Love’s original strategies will help you define your goals and achieve them on your own terms. You will learn foundational practices such as:

 How to harness your emotions to make authentic money decisions, instead of letting your emotions control you
 How to create a budget based on what you need to spend, not what you think you should be spending
 How to create a motivating debt pay-off plan that fits your life, not a plan that’s too strict to succeed


I have followed Kumiko, and parts of her Budget by Paycheck Method for years. I do feel that this book is a great intro to budgeting concepts. If you follow her already, you’ve heard it all 100 times before. I was hoping as she has such a large, established audience, we’d be getting some new great info in here. There were a couple chapters in the beginning that felt very repetitive, but not in a way that provided additional clarity, in a way that added more words to the book.

As someone with a finance degree, I do find the realm of personal finance education very interesting. Do you have any great personal finance book recommendations?