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Static Solutions

←←← This is me. The cold, dry winter air is killing my hair vibes this year!

Today, I’m sharing a few easy fixes, to keep you from looking like you’ve just been electrocuted:

Adding Moisture
As the main culprit to static is the dry air, both outdoors and inside, it’s important to add that moisture back. You can do this by switching your shampoo and conditioner to a more hydrating formula, or adding a leave-in product to your routine. Try: ArtNatural Shampoo + Conditioner ($23) or OGX Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo ($5.49)

Dirty Hair
Trying washing your hair less often. Each time you shampoo, you’re stripping your hair of its natural oils. If you have a greasy scalp, like I do, and find it hard to extend the time between washes, trying putting your hair up more often – it’s harder to tell it’s greasy if you’re rocking a slicked back ponytail. Speaking of up-do’s:

Put It Up
If your hair is long enough, pull it into a ponytail as I mentioned above, or experiment with cute braids and buns. Not only is it fun to switch up your hairstyle every once in a while, you hair won’t be standing on end if it’s tied back! You can twist it into a loose bun to be undo once you get to your destination, or use a strong hold hairspray to make sure it lasts all day. Try: Paul Mitchell Hairspray ($17)

Has your hair been standing on end as well?

Photo Credit: Guzer